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For Hunters

Hunting ordinances, regulations, seasons, etc. are controlled and promulgated by the nature conservation authorities in the various provinces. Regulations stipulate which species can be hunted, when, where, and by whom. The provinces also maintain official control of the trophy hunting industry in South Africa. Prospective foreign clients must make their arrangements through a licensed Hunting Outfitter and be guided on the hunt by a licensed Professional Hunter. Professional Hunters/Outfitters must hold licenses for each province where they operate.

Hunting is regulated on a provincial basis.

Intrepid Safaris Africa is an accredited hunting outfit. We obtain all our licenses and hunting permits prior to the hunting season and only hunt on Nature conservation approved hunting areas. Clients do not have to apply for any hunting permits except for a CITES 1 animal; in that case Intrepid Safaris will supply you with all the information.

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